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Marble as a design material linked to the earth and nature, to light and the absence of light Nature’s sheer strength comes to life, white and black find new forms of expression

Étoile de Rex

A magical balance between signs and colors A selection of new and rare marbles, with a strong decorative impact, that come from extremely distant geographical areas.

I Classici di Rex

A surprising charm is born out of the dialog between materials. From classic to contemporary, the difference is in the matches.


Simple graphics: iconic geometrical compositions. The inspiration of marbled papers. The miscellany of bright, contrasting, pure colours. The manifest extroversion of decor.


Battered surfaces. Stripped fresco look. The poetics of the wall. The forgotten wall.


A combination of initially incongruous parts. The fusion between units that originates a new identity. In Chimera, Elena Salmistraro merges rigour with self-expression, in a graphic grammar laden with symbolic meaning.

Esprit de Rex

Informal minimalism with a retro flavor Sophisticated textures and bright colors for environments with a strong decorative impact and imbued with individuality.