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Simple graphics: iconic geometrical compositions. The inspiration of marbled papers.
The miscellany of bright, contrasting, pure colours. The manifest extroversion of decor.


Battered surfaces. Stripped fresco look,
The poetics of the wall. The forgotten wall.


A combination of initially incongruous parts. The fusion between units that originates a new identity In Chimera, Elena Salmistraro merges rigour with self-expression, in a graphic grammar laden with symbolic meaning.


The expressive code of color. The past that inspires the present,
A lexicon of color shades for mixing. A large size and its submultiples.


The sign in all its essence. Raw canvas,
The mystery and poetry of painting. Art that inhabits space


Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
An ingenious small solid that plays on the onlooker’s visual perceptions, acquiring a different presence at every glance


The expressive matter of modern architecture
An atlas of modular signs to be combined in a wide variety of layouts


Linear and curvilinear: the architecture of archetypal forms,
Recurring geometries, combinations of figures. Marble and marmorino plaster: comparison and dialogue


Surface, volume: the plane from which the relief decoration emerges,
The alternation and symbiosis between concave and convex, recessed and raised


Marks left by time: degraded materials, wear, layering.
The faded wall fresco, damp stains in plaster.


Signs, decors, and visual patterns from different cultures,
East and West, a synthesis achieved through Italian taste.